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Uni Systems LLC. is privately held software development company. Our programming department is located in Armenia (Yerevan)
Uni Restaurant Software
Uni Restaurant Control Software

Uni Systems provides programming services in all sphere of book keeping needs. We created Uni Restaurant software to give you a possibility to keep business finance reports in your restaurant.

Uni Systems created a very easy-to-work and intuitive administration program for high effective results. Powerful administration panel gives you full control over your software allowing you:
. See in real time all your supply objects in the plan of your own restaurant
. Manage the plan of your restaurant as you need
. See in real time finance information of the current check
. Create calculations of your food supplies
. Keep report about your food and drink warehouse
. Have touch-screen monitors which connect to server on-line
. Have thermal printers which can be positioned in bars and kitchens and print out
  reports for bars and kitchens accordingly.
. Get any reports you need about your work
. Protect your finance and material information by strong encoded password
. Get information about waiters and waitresses and rating of their work.
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Uni Shop Software
Uni Shop Software

Uni Shop software provides you complete control of all process in your shop. It is a powerful toolkit which lets you to get all information you need about business of your shop quickly and easily. Uni Shop allows you to:
. Keep statistics of your customers
. Get any thorough finance information about your shop
. Enter an unlimited assortment
. Control flow of incoming and outgoing assortment
. Sale
. Have a system of discount
. View balance at any time
. Get statistics of incoming and outgoing assortment
. Record costs and get statistics
. Control the turnover by supplier
. Control the cash flow of suppliers.
. Keep statistics of unlimited number of warehouses
. Keep statistics of unlimited number of shops
. Control the goods-cash flow of buyers
. Get remainder of any shop or warehouse immediately
. Enter currency and do calculation
. View an each user actions (black box)
. Keep statistics of unlimited number of sale terminals
. Control of user functionality
. Get report on the sale of each user
. Connect to the main computer via the Internet
. View balance of other shops and warehouses.
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Uni Accountant Book-Keeping Software
Uni Accountant Book-Keeping Software

Uni Accountant software is recommended to enterprises to make their bookkeeping systematic.
This complex of software is easy to install and suitable to any firm. It has a user-friendly interface which makes transactions easy and effective. This software is developed based on international bookkeeping standards. Uni Accountant software also works in network area, which allows large companies to regulate and control synchronized the same database of the company from different computers. This program can be installed on Windows Vista platform as well.
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Uni Factory Software
Uni Factory Control Software

Uni Factory software allows you to control all work being done in your factory. This program simplifies finance calculation and enables to do accounting immediately. Uni Factory software allows you to:
. Manage your warehouse and source materials
. Calculate factory final product by ingredient source materials.
. Get all needed reports about source material
. Keep statistics about your release product rating
. Get all reports about your factory’s loss in production
. Uni Factory is a powerful instrument to manage performance of any factory.
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